lovely mess was made for "Brackeys Game Jam #2" (theme - love is blind).

lovely mess (game) is a kind of psychodelic, exploration, horror game inspired by kukon's music where you are trying to defeat cover "lovely mess". kukon is polish rapper and to be honest his music motivated me the most to make an entry for this jam (kukon on yt).  game has 2 endings (good and bad one) and so deep, psychodelic atmosphere. "no one said everything will be easy". you must face the challenges what lovely mess left for you. lovely mess is still in development! help me improve this game and let me know about some very hard or unbeatable sections in game.

base instruction

  • w, a, s, d - movement
  • mouse button 0 - fire
  • mouse movement - set look direction
  • space - continue dialogue

softwares i used

  • unity / c# - engine / programming language
  • krita - sprites, animations
  • sfxr - sounds
  • bosca ceoil - music
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags2D, LÖVE, psychedelic, Top-Down, Unity

Development log


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Nice idea and implementation.  From the fifth try made it to around 2/3 of the map. Checkpoints are missing. I would like to continue to play, but I don't want to restart from the beginning every time.


Great atmosphere. Like From The End Games already said, it plays a lot like a horror game.  I love the visuals. The combination of the black background of the game and the black background of this page is a bit confusing though because I tend to forget where the game screen ends and wonder why my light isn't shining any further. But thats probably just me.


I really like the game, it was really fun to play and slowly learn it.


Nice, really like the concept and gameplay. I was definitely playing more like a horror game than and exploration game. Carefully creeping around trying to locate enemies before they noticed me and came in for the kill. It was pretty tense.