"Universal Delivery" was made for BTP Game Jam #2!

Measure the infinite (big at least) universe filled with lots of mini planets. Dig resources from them and do requests for your cosmic friends. You have no choice. Do requests or be destroyed. Good luck!

Softwares I used:

  • Unity3D / C# - engine / programming language
  • Krita - graphics / sprites


  • Mouse position - movement
  • LMB - land
  • RMB - look at your base / freeze time

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Pixel Art

Development log


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This game was great. I enjoyed the music and great pixel art :).

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Nice Game, had a lot of fun! :) Its kinda stressful :D I would like more upgrade possibilities like speed etc. Maybe a storage for resources (thats unlimited right now) that you can upgrade, to bring more materials home would be another goal. For me personally I'd like to explore the space more and have less stress being the slave of the aliens.

Great job, movement fits perfectly and the pixel art is awesome :)

Thanks so much for your feedback! I have just uploaded new, updated game and I have updated upgrade system too.